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Wireless network for staff

  1. Use the CS_WiFi network
  2. Set your wirelles network card according to the instruction
  3. Change your td-csf password

Wireless network for students

Who can use the WiFi Network?

Students of the Computer science faculty

  • Any student of the faculty can connect to the WiFi network.

Students from other faculties

  • Students from other faculties, can access the Wifi network only if they are registered to courses in SSDL.
  • Come to the SSDL engineer. He will verify that you are a student in the lab and add you to the list of students that can work with the wireless network
  • To test that you are set correctly:
    • Log in to a window machine in the public farm
    • open a DOS window
    • run gpresult
    • check that you are member of the "ssdl allow WiFi" group

What can be done from the WiFi Network

From the wirelless network you should be able to:

  • Access the web
  • Access SSDL's svn server


  1. Use your td-csf (windows) account.
  2. set your wireless network card as describe below.
  3. selct the students_WiFi network & set it

Windows XP

  1. Set your wirelles network card according to the instruction
  2. To check if the service "Wireless Zero Configuration" is running, go to: Start | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services

Windows 7

  1. The replacement of "Wireless Zero Configuration" from Windows XP is "Wired AutoConfig"
    • use strat | the search window | type services | select services from the programs part

To set up the wireless network

  1. Manualy create a network profile
  2. Network name - students_WiFi
  3. Security Type - WPA2 Enterprise
  4. Change Connection Setting | security
    1. Netwotk authentication method | settings
      • Clear - validate server certificate
      • press the configuration button & clear "automaticaly use my windows logon name"
    2. Advenced Setting
      1. 802.1x setting
        • check - specify authentication mode
        • select - User Authentication
      2. 802.11 settings
        • Cleare all check box


Here is a picture of the Wireless dialog under Ubuntu 9.04 (taken by Dror B.)

Please use the students_WiFi network (insted of the ssdl_Wifi network).

WiFi setup dialog

Wireless setup parameters

  1. network name: students_WiFi
  2. 802.1x
  3. EAP Method(Type) : Protected EAP(PEAP)
  4. authentication: MS-CHAP-V2
  5. don't validate server certificate
  6. don't use computer identification
  7. Use your td-csf (windows) account
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